The generic term "medicinal plants" encompasses all the vegetal species that cover the surface of our beloved yet mistreated planet, whether they be trees, herbs or bushes.

Thanks to their properties, many of these plants have been of invaluable service to mankind through the ages.

Travellers, explorers and merchants on the ancient Eastern trade routes were responsible for transporting and selling many of these plants and their seeds, as well as for spreading news of their beneficial properties and therapeutic applications in places where, before, they were unknown. This is how many plants from Asia and America reached Europe and now grow here, having adapted to this part of the world, enabling us to enjoy them and to make use of them in our preparations.

The preparations set out below are all made entirely according to traditional methods, from the harvesting of the different species of medicinal plants right through to the last step, namely, the packaging.

In short, many of these species are to be found anywhere, although their characteristics and properties will vary slightly, depending on their location.

All these preparations are but a compilation of the knowledge and wisdom of our elders —wisdom gained from their experience over the years— starting with my grandparents, my children's grandparents, and others, who passed on to me remedies and cures that were used in the days when pharmacies were not as readily accessible as they are now.

It is from talking with them, from studying Aromatherapy, from reading the great Dioscòrides by the eminent Pio Font de Quer, and from Doctor Vander's book on medicinal plants, among others, that all these preparations have arisen.

                                             *Josep Ramón Prats Miró*

                                                    *Reiki Master-Usui*

                                                     *Bach Flowers*

     *Massage therapist – Dr. Ferrándiz-Santiveri* School of Therapeutic Massage



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